we believe in the power of love
But not in a flower power kind of way. The kind of love that makes people camp out on the street for 2 days because they need what you are selling—the kind of love that gets friends into arguments because of the type of cola in the fridge—the power of brand love. The kind of love that drives behavior change, that you feel in your gut. When a bold, authentic, big idea engages your sensibilities in a memorable and impactful way, it can be a game-changer. It can help unlock the equity that your brand has or it can create equity where there was none. Through brand driven campaigns that unify strategy, identity, packaging and communications that tell a compelling story, Crush will work with you to build your business whether a challenger brand or an established, international icon. We build brand love, because brand love builds business.

Our 3 Guiding Principles

These are our core values. They inform every aspect of what we do. They are why Crush was founded, they are what set us apart, they help us and our clients be successful, and we do not deviate from them.

We Believe
    We believe that branding is more than just beautiful artwork, a solid strategy, or the findings of a focus group.
We Believe
    We believe the most effective branding and design is greater than the sum of its parts–that there is magic beyond measure that happens when people interact with a brand on an emotional level–that sets the stage for a relationship turning customers into advocates.
We Are
    We are infatuated with the notion that this advocacy, this brand love, can be uniquely transformative for both the consumer and the brand. And it is our aim to create or grow this brand love with everything that we do.